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Ian House is a concert musician, programmer and consultant to Yamaha Music Europe and Yamaha Corporation Japan
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usbKeyboard Software & Recordings

Ian has recently launched a brand new online shop. For the first time, the public has the ability to play and own Ian’s personal sounds and settings.

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About Ian HouseIan House Yamaha Specialist

Whether performing concerts throughout the UK and Europe or presenting clinics, workshops and demonstrations for Yamaha, Ian’s enthusiasm for music, arrangements, sound and technology is contagious.

Ian grew up as part of an extremely musical family which no-doubt goes a long way to explaining where this musical ‘bug’ came from. Find out more about Ian…

The Yamaha Club

Supported by Yamaha Music Europe and independently run by Glyn and Catharine Madden, The Yamaha Club produce magazines and festivals to support the Yamaha keyboard community.

Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK)

Yamaha is the world's largest musical instrument manufacturer who celebrated their 125th anniversary in 2012.


Ian House is the main technical force behind the OrganFax website, recognised as Europe's foremost virtual organ and keyboard portal.

Ian works with a team of industry professionals including John Romero and Marie and Chris Powell to keep the site running and up to date.

Visit Ian's profile page on OrganFax.